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Last Updated: Feb 11, 2014 - 5:11:05 AM
Puntland govt publishes First 100 Days in Office report

GAROWE, Somalia Apr 28 (Garowe Online) - The government of the semiautonomous State of Puntland in northern Somalia has published its first-ever report covering the administration's successes and plans in the first 100 days since the election of Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed "Farole" as the third elected president of Puntland.

The report was published by the Office of the Puntland President and dated April 26, 2009. Independent Somali news agency Garowe Online has obtained a copy of the report, which is in PDF format. Below is the excerpt titled "Foreword" personally written by President Farole with a link to the entire 19-page document.

FOREWARD | As the new President of Puntland State of Somalia, I am
accountable to the people of Puntland for the performance of my Administration. This is the reason I am releasing a progress report for my Government’s First 100 Days in Office – the first of its kind in Puntland government history. The report details the first steps we have taken to rescue the State from the edge of collapse and covers our  activities in many sectors, including Security, Public Finance, the Justice System and International Relations. We are confident that the public and interested parties will find the information to be indicative of the Government’s commitment to improving good governance in Puntland.

My Government’s first steps included strengthening the capacity of the Presidency by nominating three State Ministers: for Democratization Process and Federal Relations; for Good Governance; and for Security. Other key acts included appointing a Field Forces (Darawish) commander, new judges and prosecutors, and embarking on an overall reform of the government system that existed in Puntland since the State’s creation in 1998.

During the First 100 Days, we visited all major towns and rural villages along the 750km road, including Bossaso, Galkayo, Qardo, Burintle, Harfo and numerous other townships along the major north-south highway. My visit to Galkayo, the southern gate of Puntland, was especially memorable as a characteristic example of the Puntland people' inherent desire for a strong and functioning government as demonstrated by the thousands of mothers, fathers, elders, students, civil society and other strata of society who stood in the burning sun for 22km leading to Galkayo awaiting our delegation's first visit since coming to power, for which I am truly grateful. The people's expectation was very high and in line with my Administration's tune of change that would institute an effective and functioning government with the long-term prospect of serving as a model state for the future Federal Republic of Somalia.

During the early days of my Administration, I have emphasized our connection to the community by addressing the public through the media and community gatherings
including giving speeches at mosques on Fridays, when thousands of Muslims gather for communal prayers. It is our intention to inform and to educate the public about good governance, democratization and economic development.

The days ahead will be long and will require much sacrifice, both from the government
and the public. We ask for your patience and your prayers.

Thank you,

Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Farole)
President, Puntland State of Somalia

READ FULL REPORT: First 100 Days in Office (Puntland Government)

Source: Garowe Online

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