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Last Updated: Feb 11, 2014 - 5:11:05 AM
Press Releases
AMISOM Smashes Extremist's Urban Trench System

In a major success, AMISOM has discovered and cut off a mile long trench system used by the foreign-lead extremists to move fighters and ammunition in and out of government held districts.
The discovery provoked two days of heavy fighting in the Sigaale and El Hindi areas of Hawl Wadag district of Mogadishu, about 500m south of Bakara Market, as Al Shabab counter-attacked in a desperate attempt to recover this vital asset.
During the fighting over the past thirty six hours, AMISOM can confirm that at least six foreign Al Qaeda connected commanders have been killed and dozens of Al Shabab fighters have been wounded.  The names of the dead include among others:
1.       Magid-Al-Yahya Abu Yaman (Hutiin Clan, Yemen)
2.       Sahan Abdowr Barqish (nationality unknown)
3.       Abdi Rabi Mansuur (Pakistan)
4.       Amol Joorkay (India)
5.       Saman Bito (Kenya)
6.       Abdi Magid Asad (Syria)
AMISOM have sadly lost two soldiers and a number wounded.
The discovery and closure of this tunnel is a major step forward in the stabilisation effort in the city.  The extremists were using the trench and tunnel system to infiltrate fighters closer to AMISOM positions without detection.  It also acted as a protected logistic resupply and casualty evacuation route.  These are part of the new tactics being employed as a result of foreign influence, which has now effectively taken over control of the extremists.
The joint TFG / AMISOM operation was in response to the continuous harassment of the population by the extremists.
Since the rapid expansion during the failed Al Shabab Ramadan offensive in September last year, TFG and AMISOM now dominate control of 60% of the city, within which an estimated 80% of the 2m population live.

Barigye Ba-Hoku
AMISOM Force Spokesman
Tel: Somalia (+252) 699 758567
Tel: Somalia (+252) 165 800500
Tel: East Africa (+256) 773 285177 or (+256) 752 692070
Statement by the UN Special Representative for Somalia on the state-building conferences in Baidoa
Puntland President condemns the terrorist attack at Villa Somalia
UN envoy condemns attack on Somali government


Vacancy Anouncment Legal Advisor for the Puntland House of Representatives


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BELEDWEYNE, Somalia April 23, 2014 (Garowe Online)

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