Somalia: Federal MPs debate impeachment motion against PM
Dec 1, 2013 - 12:15:40 PM

MOGADISHU, Somalia Dec.1, 2013 (Garowe Online)-Federal Government of Somalia's Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon is on the verge of parliament impeachment as majority of Federal Members of parliament Sunday refused him to respond to allegations mentioned in motion of no-confidence for the fledgling government, Garowe Online reports.

Federal MPs debate impeachment motion against Shirdon on 12 Nov [Photo: Garowe Online]
140 Legislators voted against a demand from the Prime Minister when Parliament Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari asked the MPs to vote for the appearance of Shirdon before parliament in a bid to address the national assembly about the government achievements.

Following several adjournments, the MPs proceeded to debating the motion which has been endorsed by 168 members according to the speaker.

Shirdon said in statement that in regard to the constitution he has a full right to defend himself from the allegations against his government. He noted the motion is not based on evidences and fair information.

"In accordance with the natural justice and the domestic law, the government prepared a full report to respond to those allegations," said the Prime Minister adding that he still wants a chance to address the 275-seat-chamber.

Concluding, Shirdon indicated that he will not abide by any decision reached if he is out of the parliament building.

Debate in parliament

31 MPs out of the registered 83 lawmakers who are scheduled to debate the motion against Prime Minister Shirdon discussed their views regarding the impeachment of Mogadishu-based brittle government head.

Speaker Jawari announced on Sunday the presence of 247 MPs in the parliament hall with backers of the challenge insisting Shirdon to be removed since he failed to fulfill government pledges.

MP Mohamed Abdi Yusuf called on the legislators to adhere to the constitution "The motion is illegal and it was organized by the president. Lawmakers shouldn't become workers but they should adhere to the constitution".

Independent sources in Mogadishu confirmed to Garowe Online that former TFG parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan spearheads the motion against Shirdon, renewing political tensions that could plunge the Somali Federal Government deeper into infighting.

Confidence vote

Shirdon, a newcomer to politics wants to test the future and face confidence vote in parliament revealing the extent of his reaction.

It is yet unclear whether the MPs will vote in favor of impeaching the Prime Minister but struggle within the parliament might decide his fate.

Sources declined to be identified in print tell GO that MPs already sided with the two as bribe payment reports surface.

International Community members are dissatisfied with the political infighting between Federal Government of Somalia's President and Prime Minister.

Shirdon stayed in power for a year and boasts of impressive budget growth, liberation of a string of strategic towns in southern Somalia and social services development.