Somalia: Puntland President inaugurates new paved road in Bossaso Port City
Jun 1, 2014 - 7:36:29 AM

Puntland President cuts rope for 5.9km paved road in Bossaso port city on Sunday

BOSSASO, Somalia June 1, 2013 (Garowe Online)-The President of Somalia's Puntland Government Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas has inaugurated new 5.9km paved road in the Gulf of Aden port city of Bossaso on Sunday, Garowe Online reports.

President Gaas alongside-cabinet Ministers, parliamentarians, Bari region Governor Abdisamad Mohamed Galan and Bossaso Mayor Hassan Abdalle Hassan arrived at the scene where he cut the rope for the new offshoot leading to Bossaso seaport.

Puntland leader initially expressed his pleasure over the UNHABITAT initiative that resulted in the construction of the paved facility.

"I call on UNHABITAT, if you get $1 million don't do anything else, just invest it in roads," said Dr. Gaas."We are keen to witness tangible things alone".

"After the recent roundtable meeting with donors, Germany donated 23 million euro to Puntland when I was asked how it could be managed, I told them to inject that amount into road development initiatives," he added.

As a result of effort undertaken by former Puntland President Dr. Abdirahman Farole, Italy financed the construction of new paved road in the region's most populous town of Bossaso.