Somalia: Puntland leader unveils new cabinet
Jan 28, 2014 - 8:40:51 AM

GAROWE, Somalia Jan.28, 2014 (Garowe Online)-The newly elected President of Somalia's northeastern state of Puntland Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas has unveiled his new government on Tuesday afternoon, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland Chief of Cabinet Deeq Suleiman Yusuf Photo Garoweonline
The chief of cabinet at President's office, Deeq Suleiman Yusuf announced the cabinet line-up during a press conference at Puntland State House in the capital of Garowe, with 46 officials getting portfolios in President Gaas' new cabinet.

5 women managed to take over ministerial posts as Anisa Abdulkadir Haji Mumin and Sahra Saed Nour were assigned to the ministries of women and constitution respectively while three other women received Deputy Positions.

The former Presidents of the self-declared Khaatumo administration, Ahmed Elmi Osman (Ahmed Karash) and Abdinur Elmi Qaaje (Biindho) have also been named as Interior and Fisheries Ministers correspondingly.

Hassan Osman Mohamud Aloore , former Petroleum Minister under President Gen. Mohamud Musse Hirsi (Ade)'s incumbency will replace the outgoing security minister Col. Khalif Isse Mudan.

Former chairman of Midnimo Political Association, Dr. Saadiq Enow who also relinquished his candidacy for Puntland president during the state's latest presidential election became Minister of Health.

Among those who lost the presidential race to the incumbent Abdiweli Gaas but appeared on the cabinet list are Ali Haji Warsame and Shire Haji Farah. Warsame was appointed to the ministry of education while Shire will be sworn-in into the finance ministry.

President Gaas yesterday hosted a luncheon for MPs at Puntland Parliament building, discussing the plans ahead for his government and pledging economic reforms.

Puntland, located in northeastern Somalia witnessed the most hotly contested presidential election, with Abdiweli Gaas former Somalia Prime Minister unseating former leader Abdirahman Mohamed Farole by one vote.