A new hospital for Puntland capital as security improves
Feb 9, 2009 - 12:49:19 PM

GAROWE, Somalia Feb 9 (Garowe Online) - A new hospital will be built in the regional capital of Puntland State, in northeastern Somalia, as security gradually improves following last month's peaceful presidential election, Radio Garowe reports.

Puntland government officials were present in Garowe, the region's administrative capital, where Health Minister Dr. Bashir Ali Bihi laid the founding rocks for a new hospital nalongside Abdulkadir Osman "Food-Adde," Garowe's city mayor.

The new hospital in Garowe will be constructed with aid from Manhal agency, whose local director Mohamed Hassan Isse remarked at the ceremony that the hospital will have many benefits for the people.

Mr. Abdisalan Jama Salad, the chief project engineer, said the new hospital will occupy a space of 90x60 meters and construction will begin for the first floor where patient rooms and the administration will be located.

Dr. Bihi, Puntland's new health minister, praised the efforts of locals who spearheaded the campaign to build a new hospital in Garowe and help improve health services in the region.

Garowe Regional Hospital is currently the only major medical center in the city, although a number of smaller clinics also operate.

Improving security

Security is gradually improving in Garowe after consecutive months of crimes, including robberies and stabbings.

Garowe police units are normally seen patrolling city streets day and night, with residents saying there is a big drop in crimes involving hoodlums forcefully taking people's mobile phones and other possessions, at times leading to injury or death.

Security was the number issue in Garowe as Puntland prepared for its fourth election, which brought Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed "Farole" to power on Jan. 8.

On Monday, a convicted murderer was executed in Garowe, marking the new government's first capital punishment case.

The executed man, identified as Abdi-Dahir Abdullahi, was convicted of killing two men on Feb. 2, including a well-known pirate.

A second man who was detained for the same crime was later released after the police could not find him guilty, officials said. READ: Ukraine weapons ship freed, pirate kingpin killed

Meanwhile, Garowe Mayor Food-Adde has been heading a campaign to improve the city’s image by removing khat sellers from major roads and destroying illegally built structures.

Source: Garowe Online