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Last Updated: Feb 11, 2014 - 5:11:05 AM
Somalia: List of new parliamentarians leaked

MOGADISHU, Somalia Aug 18 2012 (Garowe Online) – The list of Somalia’s new federal parliament was leaked before the selection committee finished selecting parliament, Garowe Online reports.

The leaked document contains the names of 202 new members of parliament with a remaining 73 MPs still not chosen.

According to our sources in Mogadishu the 202 MPs will sit for a parliamentary assembly to begin selecting the next President and Prime Minister of Somalia following a vote for Speaker of Parliament after Eid celebrations

The Technical Selection Committee (TSC) is mandated to select candidates for parliament based on criteria agreed upon by leaders in previous agreements such as Galkayo and Garowe principles.

The TSC rejected many candidates’ bids to parliament because of their previous alliances, their lack of education or their role in disrupting the political process.

The parliament which is made up of the 4.5 clan system depends on traditional elders or clan elders to select their candidates for parliament. Traditional elders have been the center of debate as candidates have influenced, bribed and coerced elders in selecting them for candidates of parliament.

However the TSC with the help of the UN has rejected candidates with corrupt background leaving some clans without a candidate for parliament. Some clans whose candidates were rejected have even refused to fill the position if that applicant is not allowed to parliament.

Although many politicians are objecting to the TSC’s decisions on many potential candidates, the committee announced that parliamentary meetings will commence on Monday even if the total number of 275 MPs is not reached.

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