Somalia: Prime Minister asked to step down
Nov 12, 2013 - 12:10:15 PM

GAROWE, Somalia Nov.12, 2013 (Garowe Online)-Political infighting continues at Villa Somalia Presidential Compound in Mogadishu after the Somali Federal Government Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon refused to step down, Garowe Online reports.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud reportedly asked Shirdon to vacate his post following suggestions from, Mohamud’s right hand man, a Kenyan citizen and the State Minister for Presidency Farah Abdulkadir, according to sources close to Villa Somalia who spoke to Garowe Online on condition of anonymity.

Last Friday, President Hassan held a private meeting with Shirdon blaming him for being ineffective in the job and lurching the weak central government backward.

Shirdon himself admitted Tuesday in statement that they disagreed over the constitution alone, a move that could lead to a bitter feud and plunge the war-ravaged horn of Africa nation deeper into political crisis.

“Despite achievements and visible progress, it is disheartening to inform you that I and the president have disagreed over the constitution, not the political issues and the only solution to the problem is adhering to the national constitution,” said Shirdon.

Shirdon whose wife Asho Haji Elmi is a Member of Parliament and an influential player in Villa Somalia has been struggling for authority within the confines of law for the past four months but critics say, Hassan remains defiant to share the power with Shirdon.

Shirdon was preparing his cabinet for reshuffle when the political bickering emerged.

President Mohamud is accused of failing to fairly uphold the Federal constitution whose clauses and articles have been tampered with according to Somalia’s Puntland government, a crucial autonomous state and a leading pioneer which withdrew cooperation from the Mogadishu-based government in August.

Somali-AMISOM forces dislodged Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab militants from a string of strategic towns in southern Somalia, although the militant group targets the important structures and government officials in Mogadishu.