Somalia: Puntland Minister of Ports visits Lasqoray
Jun 17, 2012 - 10:40:28 AM

LASQORAY, Somalia Jun 17 2012 (Garowe Online) – Puntland Minister of Ports and Counter Piracy visited the port town of Lasqoray, after Puntland condemned attacks by Somaliland on the port city, Radio Garowe reports.

Minister Saeed Mohamed Ragge who led a delegation of Ministers and MPs visited the port town of Lasqoray located in Sanaag region and is situated on the Red Sea.

The visit’s main purpose according to Minister Ragge, was to monitor the ongoing project to upgrade the port in Lasqoray.

Minister Ragge expressed Puntland’s intentions of conducting more development projects in Lasqoray.

“It is an honor for me to be Lasqoray and I am pleased to announce that attention of the Puntland government has focused on the town of Lasqoray and how we can further it’s development,” said Minister Ragge.  

The ongoing project was the center of an incident involving Somaliland naval forces who attacked a group of engineers assessing the port earlier this month.

The Governor of Sanaag region Mohamed Said Nur, issued a stark warning to Somaliland earlier this month, asking the breakaway region to put an end to what he called ‘sabotage’ and stop interfering in Lasqoray affairs.

“We are asking those who are committing sabotage to the development of Lasqoray to stop. Lasqoray is not a contested area and any interference will be dealt with swiftly,” said Governor Nur.