Somalia: Puntland government warns candidates on security
Jan 7, 2009 - 7:55:19 AM

GAROWE, Somalia Jan 7 (Garowe Online) - The regional government of Puntland, in northeastern Somalia, has issued a public statement warning three presidential candidates on security issues, Radio Garowe reports.

A joint press conference was held in Garowe, the capital of Puntland, by Abdi Hersi "Qarjab," the governor of Nugal region, and Eydarus Haji Hersi, commander in charge of security during the election.

Both officials accused three presidential candidates – Adan Isse Gadale, Nuradin Adan Dirie and Muhiyaddin Haji Yusuf – of bringing unauthorized clan militia and armed trucks into Garowe. READ: Puntland election commission issues official candidate list

"The person who brings out armed trucks on election day will be seen as planning explosions," Gov. Qarjab said heatedly, adding that it is "unacceptable" to have so many militia and armed trucks in the Puntland capital.

Eydarus, the security commander, told a story where an unidentified candidate personally called him to say that four new armed trucks had entered Garowe, on behalf of that particular candidate.

"The man who wants us to flee, by Allah, we will never allow him and he will die," Eydarus vowed, while warning the presidential candidates against all forms of insecurity.

Nuradin Dirie, a candidate from Mudug region, later distanced himself from the charges in a press statement.

Puntland's 66-member regional parliament listened to nine presidential candidates present their political agenda on Wednesday. The parliament is scheduled to elect a new leader tomorrow.

Source: Garowe Online