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Last Updated: Feb 11, 2014 - 5:11:05 AM
Somalia: Thousands attend funeral of Sheikh Abdiqadir

GAROWE, Somalia Feb 16 2012 (Garowe Online) – Thousands from all over Somalia attended Sheikh Abdiqadir Nur Farah's funeral, one of Somalia’s most prominent Islamic scholars was laid to rest in Garowe on Saturday, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, Vice President Abdisamad Ali Shire various Puntland Ministers, officials from the Somali Federal Government, Islamic scholars from all over Somalia and all ages of people attended the funeral.

Thousands pray Janaza prayer for Sheikh Abdiqadir

Sorrow and mourning could be seen among the many thousands’ of faces at the funeral who gathered in the hot sun to watch as one of Somalia’s most prominent scholars was laid to rest in Garowe capital of Puntland state.   

After burying Sheikh Adbiqadir, one hour after midday prayers, there was a ceremony to commemorate the Sheikh’s life and his tireless effort to promote peace in Puntland and Somalia. There was also a message to the terrorists behind the scholar’s murder.

Firstly, Sheikh Yusuf Adan, one of Sheikh Abdiqadir’s longtime friends, while struggling to hold back tears gave a speech about the departed Sheikh’s life and his devotion to peace in Somalia.  

“He was a martyr and a great man, a man who wanted nothing but peace for Somalis and a disgusting act like this proves his martyrdom. If I briefly speak of the beloved sheikh’s life, he and I were one of the first to attend the Islamic University in Medina in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Sheikh Yusuf.   

Sheikh Yusuf continued saying that he and Sheikh Abdiqadir were sent by the University to Niger to spread Islam. He and Sheikh Abdiqadir traveled back to Somalia where Sheikh Abdiqadir became a judge.

“The murderers of Sheikh Abdiqadir do not have the religion of Islam, if you {Al Shabaab} think you are on the right path of Islam and commit actions like these you are living in a fantasy world,” said Sheikh Yusuf.  

Various Islamic scholars also spoke like Sheikh Nur Baruud telling the people that in Islamic law those who help or assist murderers like these in anyway knowingly, are equally responsible for the crime in the eyes of God.

“A man who kills a person like Sheikh Abdiqadir, in of all places, a mosque, while praying does not have a soul, he who helps that person achieve his goal is just as condemned” said Sheikh Bashir Ahmed Salaad Director of the Islamic Scholar Committee.  

The Islamic scholars suggested that a Somali wide conference needed to be held to discuss the impact of Al Shabaab on Somalia and what the Islamic religion says about terror organizations such as Al Shabaab.

Traditional elders described the death of Sheikh Abdiqadir as a dark day for Puntland and Somalia.  

“As you very well know, he {Sheikh Abdiqadir} was the first to assist disaster victims, was always the first to reconcile warring clans, he was a peacemaker. No one can take his place. We shouldn’t leave the fight against Al Shabaab to the Puntland government; everybody needs to do their part to fight against these enemies {Al Shabaab},” said Suldan Saeed Suldan Garaase.

Somali Federal Government (SFG) Minister of Interior Abdikarim Guled also gave a brief statement from Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon, sending his condolences to the family of Sheikh Abdiqadir and stating that the SFG would cooperate more to fight Al Shabaab.  

“This violent crime and disgusting act will help unify us {Puntland and SFG} to fight against the terror organization that has waged war on our Sheikhs, intellectuals, government officials and community leaders,” said Minister Guled.

Finally Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole spoke about the loss of the "great sheikh" and what it means to Puntland and Somalia.  

“The loss of Sheikh Abdiqadir is like when a star dies, you were depending on that star for travel or movement or for sight and it’s hard to cope without it. We are hoping that a new star will burn bright for us,” said President Farole.

Continuing President Farole said, “He died in the place he loved so much.”  

President Farole also welcomed the Somali wide conference on the impact of Al Shabaab to inform the people of Somalia.

“These terrorists have waged war on the people of Somalia, they are looking for power. Look at their actions, killing students, sheikhs, our mothers and elderly, they are slowly trying to destroy our society,” said Puntland President, accusing Al Shabaab leader Ahmed Godane for the disgusting act.  

“Our youth need to really carefully look at the ideologies of these groups and see if this is what they want for their people,” said President Farole.

People from Hargeisa, Las’anod, Bossaso, Mogadishu, Galdogob and Galkayo came to Garowe, the administrative capital to participate.  

People all over Africa and abroad sent their condolences to the departed sheikh including former Puntland President Mohamud Musse Hersi who sent his condolences to Sheikh Abdiqadir from Bossaso.

The young man who killed Sheikh Abdiqadir Nur Farah was apprehended by courageous citizens who were wounded while risking their lives to capture the murderer. According to Puntland authorities the killer is in Puntland custody and will be brought to justice shortly.              


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