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Last Updated: Feb 11, 2014 - 5:11:05 AM
The end of a transitional government in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia Aug 21 2012 (Garowe Online) – The eight long year transitional government of Somalia, ended on Monday, when a new federal parliament was sworn in, Garowe Online reports.

 On Monday 221 members of parliament were sworn in, in Mogadishu’s heavily secured airport which ended the term of the transitional government led by President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

The historic event which many Somalis were overjoyed with was sidelined by heeds from the international community to anyone trying to impede the political process.

White House spokesperson Jay Carney welcomed the new federal parliament and anticipated the political process to continue smoothly.

"We look forward to parliament expeditiously completing all remaining tasks," said Mr. Carney

However the spokesman warned spoilers that they should not try to hinder the political process.

“Any attempt to impede the political transition will not be tolerated," Mr. Carney said.

UN Representative to Somalia Augustine Mahiga welcomed the process and stated that this was a historic moment for Somalis and Somalia.

This historic moment marks the long-awaited end of the transitional period in Somalia,” said Ambassador Mahiga.

Ambassadbor Mahiga said in an interview to BBC that this government is different to previous ones because it has a constitution and a new federal parliament.

However Somali political analysts argue that the transitional government is still in effect because of the lack of independency in the Somali political process.

The Technical Selection Committee was responsible for selecting MPs based on criteria provided by the UN which also gave the committee “comprehensive information” on candidates.

Analysts say that the transitional government is far from over because authority to select parliament lies in the hands of a committee backed by the UN and international community.

Mohamed Abdi a professor at Puntland State University and a Somali political analyst says that Somalia has moved from one transitional government to the next.

“The end of the transitional government has given birth to a new caretaker government where all the big decisions are decided by the international community and the UN,” said Mr. Abdi

Dr. Michael A. Weinstein a Professor of Political Science at Purdue University argues that just by giving Somalia a constitution and regulating parliament does not mean that Somalia will crawl out of the failed state moniker. The country needs reconciliation on the ground level argues Dr. Weinstein.

“The solution is reconciliation among Somalia’s factions: self-generated reconciliation by Somalis. A commitment by Somalis to live together, which is not now present, would have to be made by enough Somali friends of Somalia to start a fusion process,” said Dr. Weinstein.

Somalia which has been without a legitimate government for almost 15 years not counting the transitional governments, will announce a president by next week.      


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