Somalia: Italy pledges revival of stalled projects to Puntland
Oct 27, 2013 - 7:05:52 AM

GAROWE, Somalia Oct.27, 2013 (Garowe Online) – Italian government pledged the revival of Italy-sponsored development projects to Somalia’s northeastern state of Puntland, Garowe Online reports.

Italy Ambassador to Somalia Andrea Mazzela made the pledges during a joint press conference with Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole at Puntland State House in Garowe on Sunday.

“I am urging UNHABITAT and FAO to immediately discuss the Italy-funded projects aimed at boosting Puntland economic infrastructure with Puntland government,” said Mazzela. “Italy recently funded the construction of Bossaso airport, Garowe Hospital, Galkayo livestock market and other development projects intended for Eyl and all of these projects should be completed soon”.

Ambassador Mazzela added that it is a time to cooperate and work for the common good in Somalia more generally and Puntland, noting that Italy regards Puntland as a close friend and important partner which has showed a huge progress in various areas.

Speaking about the upcoming Puntland presidential election, Mazzela said he met with traditional elders, civil society organizations and Puntland government officials to share his views of holding free and fair election with the public and the government.

“Under federalism principles, Somalis can be a united people with the vision of creating a peaceful Somalia,” he stated.

Speaking at the press conference, President Farole thanked Italian government for its continued support and vital role in improving the economic infrastructure and reviving the development projects stalled when Somali central government collapsed in 1991.

Italy Ambassador Saturday arrived in Puntland capital of Garowe and toured several landmarks including Puntland TV and Radio station and health ministry.

Mazzela and his Deputy Giuseppe Caposeno paid first visit to Puntland and traveled by car to the historic coastal town and former pirate hub of Eyl, 155 km east of Garowe in April 2012.