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Last Updated: Feb 11, 2014 - 5:11:05 AM
Somali MP visits Gaza amid ceasefire, speaks of unjustified force

GAZA, Palestine Nov 23 2012 (Garowe Online) – Member of Somalia’s Parliament Mohamed Omar Dalha, also a member of the Arab League delegation who visited Gaza on Friday stated that Israel used unnecessary force throughout their offensive, Garowe Online reports.
A member of the Somali Federal Parliament Mr. Dalha was part of an Arab League delegation that visited Gaza, which had been bombarded by Israel Defense Forces for eight days.
The Arab League delegation visited sites in Gaza and MP Dalha stated that there had been large-scale destruction of police stations, Council of Minsters headquarters, small industries and a soccer stadium in Gaza.
“What had shocked me the most, had been a family of 11 had been killed in a airstrike that targeted a 3 story building where the family had been living in,” said MP Dalha.
Continuing the MP stated that the outlook of Gaza residents was surprisingly uplifting.
“What surprised me is that the residents of Gaza had not been broken by the destruction. They were telling me to smile because you were in Gaza,” said MP Dalha.
After an eight-day onslaught on Gaza residents that killed over 160 people most of them civilians, there has been a ceasefire between Hamas and the Israeli government.
According to MP Dalha, Gaza residents are hopeful that the ceasefire will be a long-term one although tensions are still very high in the region.
On Friday, a Palestinian man reportedly named Anwar Abdul Hadi Qudaih was shot dead after a bullet hit him in the head near the Israeli border on the Gaza strip.

Ashraf al Qidra Hamas Health Ministry spokesman said that 19 people were wounded after a protests near the Israel Gaza border buffer zone.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman stated that the forces shot at the legs of people trying to sneak in to Israel.


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