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Impunity for 12 MPs in Somali regional state in Ethiopia removed

By FANA , Ethiopia

JIGJIGA - Ethiopia's Somali Regional State Council has lifted the parliamentary immunity of its 12 members on Thursday amid political standoff among the top leaders.

The following are former officials of the regional state whose immunity was lifted

1. Suat Mohamed - former deputy chief administrator of the regional state

2. Ahmed Abdi- former head of finance bureau

3. Ferhan Abdi – former head of water development bureau

4. Mujib Mohammed – former head of civil service bureau

5. Abdi Mohammed – former head of livestock affairs bureau

6. Heber Abdi- former head of trade and industry bureau

7. Majida Mohammed- head of former chief administrator’s office

8. Ayan Gulande – former head of Gode town finance office

9. Mohamed Heryo – former deputy head of education bureau

10. Abdi Mohamed Mohammed Abas- former head of pastoral and rural development bureau

11. Mohammed Bile – former head of technical and vocational training bureau

12. Nesra Hassen- advisor of former chief administrator’s office

The Council lifted their immunity on suspicion of corruption and participating in the violence occurred in the region state in the past.

According to the sources,  the removal of immunity was an issue demanded by the state president, Mustafa Omar to reform the region’s embattled party.

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