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Uhuru hosts supreme leader Wabar, fetes him in State House Nairobi

By Abuga Makori in Nairobi , Garowe Online

NAIROBI, Kenya - Peace, unity and integration dominated talks between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Degodia community de facto leader Wabar Abdille Abdi, State House Nairobi has confirmed.

Abdille, who is the religious leader of the Degodia community which occupies parts of Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia, is in Nairobi for a three-week visit.

To nurture peace and unity in Africa, President Uhuru Kenyatta told Abdille's delegation, 'colonial boundaries should not be allowed to divide people'.

"President Uhuru Kenyatta has underscored the need for countries in the region to nurture peace and unity, saying colonial boundaries should not be allowed to divide people," State House tweeted.

It is the first time the traditional leader who resides in Addis Ababa is visiting Kenya. When he arrived on Sunday, Ethiopian ambassador Meles Alem was among high dignitaries who invited him.

King Abdi delivered a message of peace and unity to the President and in honour of his role in ensuring cross-border peace and unity in the region, State House added.

As a sign of honor as respect, State House added: "The President bestowed King Abdi with the Elder of Burning Spear (EBS) award, one of the highest national honours."

EBS is one of the most lucrative honor usually accorded to individuals who have excelled in different disciplines and local and international level.

A host of leaders from the Northern Frontier Districts (NFD), dignitaries from Ethiopia and Somalia, accompanied Wabar to State House.

On Sunday in Nairobi, the Supreme leader met embattled Jubaland President Ahmed Madobe, who has been at loggerheads with Ethiopia and FGS.

During the meeting, a source said, Abdille supported 'sovereignty and regional leadership' of Jubaland state in Somalia.

Kenya's Majority Leader Aden Duale said, "shun clanism and forge a united front in order to spearhead the economic development."

Politicians, religious leaders, civil servants, youth, women and professional leaders graced the Sunday's meeting in a Nairobi hotel

In attendance also were Ambassadors from Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Governors Mohamud (Marsabit), Ali Korane (Garissa) and Hon Abdi (Wajir) among others.

Abdille is the 12th Wabar of the Degodia community. Over the next three weeks, he's expected to continue meeting leaders with elections in Somalia and Ethiopia being on his agenda.

While Somalia is struggling to stabilize after years of civil war and Al-Shabaab menace, Ethiopia and Eritrea are facing fierce ethnic violence in recent months.

Somalia is yet to settle on the model of elections to be adopted in 2020/21 polls. President Mohamed Farmajo is keen to be re-elected.

In Ethiopia, PM Ahmed Abiy is racing against time to complete reforms he initiated after taking over in 2018. He's also accused of interfering with Somalia's domestic affairs.


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