Al-Shabaab suffer losses in Somalia's Puntland

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Al-Shabaab militants suffered immense setbacks on Sunday, state media reports, following the latest crackdown in Puntland state, within the mountainous regions where the group has been wrestling for control, despite spirited efforts by local forces.

Puntland security forces have for a long time brought order and sanity in the region, working closely with the US Africa Command.
According to the state media, the Al-Shabaab militants were ambushed by the security forces in Almadow hills, an incident which left over 20 fighters dead with several others suffering injuries according to reports by the state media and police sources.

"In a coordinated operation, security forces and international partners killed over 20 AlShabab militants, including three key leaders, in the Almadow mountains of Puntland State," the state media reported in a statement, Sunday.

Puntland has been a relatively stable Federal State but lately, the Al-Shabaab and ISIS have started infiltrating the state, but their rivalry has made it almost impossible to make strides, given the local forces ample time to consolidate the ground.

Alshabaab group is facing tough times following the activation of operations against them across the country and has lost substantive ground, with a number of fighters surrendering. The same operations were activated in northeastern Kenya.

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