Puntland boycotts Hassan Sheikh's meeting

Garowe, Somalia - The federal state of Puntland has rejected an invitation by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud,  setting the pace for a protracted feud which could potentially affect regional government units, which are central in the coordination of activities in the country.  
On Tuesday,  President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud reached out to all federal leaders suggesting a meeting on April 20th, which shall run for two days. The National Consultative Council (NCC) is the governing authority of the federal government.  
There were expectations that Puntland leader Said Abdullahi Deni would attend the meeting after falling out with Mogadishu. However,  the regional government of Puntland has since rejected the offer, standing the ground that they are not interested. 
Mohamud Aideed Dirir, Puntland's information minister,  announced the decision shortly after President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud had invited the leadership to discuss issues affecting the country, particularly the controversial constitutional changes.  
Puntland is one of the most stable regional states in the troubled Horn of Africa nation.  
Puntland had insisted that it would convene a meeting with other regional states to decide the fate of federalism in Somalia. Jubaland,  Southwest,  Galmudug and Hirshabelle had confirmed that they will attend the meeting convened by Puntland.
Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has successfully managed to push for constitutional changes, a move which irked Puntland and other federal states. The changes would see the country embrace a universal suffrage model of elections besides reducing the powers of the Prime Minister.  
The international community has called for consensus over the matter, but Puntland says it will act independently until Mogadishu drops the controversial changes. The changes were approved by parliament before Hassan Sheikh Mohamud signed them into law. 

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