Somalia: Puntland Takes Action Against Climate Change with 'Green Revolution' Initiative


GAROWE, Somalia - Puntland state has laid strategies on promoting environmental conservation, in a project dubbed 'Green Revolution', as the world tackles severe climate change implications, among them desertification and floods, which are common across Somalia.

Abdirahman Mohamad Farole, the Federal State's minister for Environment and Climate Change, says environmental conservation and economic growth top his agenda. To address these challenges, Abdirahman has rolled out a tree-planting program and reduced plastic bag misuse.

During an interview with Gole TV, Abdirahman, who assumed ministerial roles recently, identified the illegal exportation of exotic trees and plants, such as geed Quwaax (Commiphora Myrrha), which have significant economic potential due to their medicinal properties, as a major environmental disaster.

"These initiatives are essential for combating climate change and improving the local environment, which can lead to potential benefits in agriculture, tourism, and public health," he said in relation to tree planting and misuse of plastic bags.

Further, he adds, the ministry shall focus on addressing the illegal exportation of exotic trees and plants, such as geed Quwaax, on top of tree planting and plastic bag reduction efforts, which are vital in boosting environmental conservation.

"These trees and plants have attracted the attention of pharmaceutical companies due to their medicinal properties, making them a valuable economic resource for Puntland," Abdirahman noted in his interview.

The ministry will also have to strike a balance between conservation efforts and the economic potential of these valuable resources, he said while acknowledging that much must be done to save Somalia from adverse climatic conditions.

"By developing a legal framework for the sustainable harvesting and exportation of exotic trees and plants, Puntland can generate significant revenue, create jobs, and contribute to the global pharmaceutical industry."

Puntland has recently launched a tree-planting campaign with the aim of planting 20,000 trees in a week. This initiative was announced by Mohamed Abdirahman Farole and many government officials..

The campaign is part of Puntland's efforts to improve city aesthetics, combat climate change, and support environmental conservation efforts. The community is encouraged to participate in this initiative to ensure its success.

The project is crucial for enhancing biodiversity, improving climate resilience, and mitigating the devastating effects of droughts in the region, he said.

Mohamad also called for non-politicization of the development projects given by the international community to Somalia, at a time of a fall-out between the Federal Government led by Hassan Sheikh and Puntland leadership.


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