Farmaajo's office says Fahad Yasin detained in Djibouti as Somalia's crisis escalates

Fahad Yasin was appointed this month as new Farmajo's security advisor after being sacked from NISA [File photo]

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The sacked National Intelligence and Security Agency [NISA] Fahad Yasin has been allegedly detained in Djibouti, while on a trip to Somalia, amid an ongoing political crisis in the Horn of Africa nation, which is undergoing turbulence.

A statement released by Villa Somalia sensationally accused the Djibouti government of detaining controversial former spy boss Fahad Yasin. Farmajo’s communication director Abdirashid Hashi said Djibouti is responsible for any resultant harm to officials.

"Djibouti government is yet to respond to the allegations. The Federal Republic of Somalia condemns unlawful detention of National Security Adviser to H.E Farmaajo by Djiboutian authority at Djibouti airport. Such acts will not help to strengthen our ties between our governments," Abdirashid Hashi said in a statement.

Yasin was traveling from Turkey to Somalia after weeks of absence which saw Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble demote him over the controversial murder of Ikran Tahlil, a junior employee within NISA, who had gone missing for two months.

After his demotion, Yasin was quickly elevated by Farmaajo to be the National Security Advisor to Farmaajo at Villa Somalia, contrary to the determination by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble. Roble had appointed Lieutenant General Bashir Mohamed Jama alias Goobe to head NISA.

But the appointment of Goobe, who has since taken over the intelligence team, was quickly disputed by Farmaajo, who went on to appoint Yasin Abdullahi, the former Banadir region intelligence chief. But Goobe seems to be in charge of the agency.

However, despite the claims of Yasin's detention in Djibouti, Secretary-General of RPP and the Minister of economy Ilyas Dawaleh disputed the claims, arguing that the information from Villa Somalia was ‘inappropriate and baseless’.

"As a Top Official from Villa Somalia and Communication’s Director, I’m asking you brotherly to refrain from any inappropriate and baseless statements. You rather better find out the reality. Djibouti will shortly release an official communication from HE MoFA," he said.

"All passengers onboard today’s Turkish flight to Mogadishu will go back to Istanbul to embark on another flight to Mogadishu," said Mohamud Ali Yusuf, Djibouti's foreign minister.

Reports indicate Somali security agencies, in collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Aviation reportedly "ordered" airlines not to bring former intelligence chief Fahad Yassin to Mogadishu.

Fahad was accused of “mobilizing” forces in Mogadishu and for “compromising” the security of Mogadishu airport, sources said, in what could bring a new controversy in the Horn of Africa nation.

The fired NISA director, now National Security advisor, Fahad Yasin was to attend the Saturday meeting called by Farmajo of the national security council. The meeting was to, among other things, discuss the murder of agent Ikran Tahlil. Fahad has been sued by Ikran’s family.

The Djiboutian foreign minister said the Turkish airline flight to Mogadishu has already gone back to Istanbul. Passengers that include fired spy chief Fahad Yassin will disembark and take another flight. The minister strongly denies any allegation of detention of Fahad in Djibouti.


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