Somalia army liberates several villages from Al-Shabaab

Somali soldiers, part of an elite combat unit called Danab, preparing for live fire drills at a military base in Baledogle, Somalia, earlier this month.

BAIDOA, Somalia - In one of the most successful outings, the Somali National Army [SNA] has liberated several strategic villages from Al-Shabaab militants in the Bakool region, just before the second phase of operations against the group began, mostly targeting southern parts of the country.

Even before the second phase begins, the Somali National Army has been conducting planned operations within Jubaland and Southwest, where the mission will focus. Currently, most troops are stationed at Galmadug and HirShabelle the first phase was conducted.

The Bakool raid left several militants dead with the military taking strategic villages, state media reported. The villages have previously been used by Al-Shabaab to launch attacks against security forces and innocent civilians, officials said.

"Somali National Army forces liberate several villages in Bokool region which were previously under Alshabaab control. They include; Abagdbeday, Dudumale, Bulo-Kojoor and Eelgrass; operation to clear more villages in the area ongoing," read a message from state media.

Elsewhere on Wednesday, the national army also considers operations in Lower Jubba, destroying several bases belonging to the militants. The operation targeted Yaaq-Halul, Qod-Qod, Beer-Hani, and Quddus where the militants have been targeting locals, local authorities reported n

Major Arab Dheeg Ahmed, who led the operation, said the army managed to destroy the bases besides clearing explosive devices that may have been laid by the terrorists. The militants usually leave behind Improvised Explosive Devices [IEDs] whenever they lose bases.

According to the army officer, the operation was part of the ongoing efforts by the Federal Government to eliminate Al-Shabaab from all parts of the country and restore peace and stability. The second phase of operations against Al-Shabaab in Jubaland and Southwest is set to begin in due course.


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