Somalia: Jubaland president releases list of remaining Senatorial candidates

Ahmed Madobe was the first Federal State president hold the Senate election in July [File Photo]

KISMAYO, Somalia - Jubaland state will fill the remaining senatorial seats on Thursday, October 21 after President Ahmed Madobe released today the final list of remaining contestants for the seats, which are set for the contest.

On Tuesday, the president announced the list, ending the much-awaited anxiety which had almost crippled the electoral process in Somalia. Already, four senators have been elected in Jubaland of the 8 seats allocated to the southern Federal state.

The new list includes two women-only seats and has attracted five female candidates, a massive improvement towards the achievement of the much-needed gender mainstreaming in the federal republic of Somalia.

Jubaland was the first to elect senators on July 29 but only four out of eight senators were picked. The regional assemblies are responsible for the elections of senators, who represent the state at the federal parliament.

Some of the candidates who will contest for the remaining seats include Leyla Nuuh Maah, Hareedo Mohamed Sheikh, Ibrahim Awgaab Osman, and Farhiya Maalin Abdi. Others are Maryan Faraah Kadiye, Samsam Mohamed Bishar, Hassan Dahir Yarisow, and Ali Mohamed Ali.

The state's Electoral Committee will set the date for elections in the coming weeks as the country concludes matters of Elections. Already, 48 senators have been elected and the remaining 6 seats will be filled in the coming weeks following Jubaland's compliance.

Jubaland was among the first states to kick start elections exercise after days of delays occasioned by the standoff between regional leaders and outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo. Madobe was among the top critics of Farmaajo.

After Senatorial polls, the country is set to start holding Lower House elections, which would eventually determine presidential polls. The elections of the president are set for December this year, technically meaning that Farmajo has had his tenure extended for almost 10 months.


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