TDF accused of recruiting child soldiers in northern Ethiopia

Terrorist TPLF Coercing Mothers To Send Children To War: TDP Leaders [Photo: FBC]

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - The Tigray Defense Forces [TDF] has been accused of recruiting child soldiers, something which the group has repeatedly denied in previous press conferences, in what could give Tigray conflict a new dimension.

Rivals Tigray Democratic Party [TDP] claimed TDF is "committing a war crime by forcing mothers to send their children to war". TDP has been battling to topple TDF, an outfit that has been accusing the Ethiopian government of segregation.

Talking to ENA about the current situation in Tigray, TDP Office Head Teshale Nigusse and Head of Political Affairs Hagos Gidey stated that TDF has been violating the rights of children for political gains.

TDP Office Head, Teshale Negussie said the terrorist TPLF is paid huge caution to keep its atrocities on Tigray people in mystery by destroying all the evidence.

The group had also destroyed evidence that proved its deployment of child soldiers in the struggle when over 60,000 were martyred to oust the previous government and seized power, he elaborated, TDP added.

The head blamed members of the Tigrayan Diaspora for brushing aside the brutalities committed against innocent Tigrayans to return the favors they enjoyed during the heydays of the terrorist group.

The party officials, who stressed that the existence of Tigrayans can only be ensured within Ethiopia, pointed out that their cruel act to make the poor perish in war while they lead comfortable life shows that they are selfish and careless for others.

According to the leaders, the compensation for the scarification of the Tigrayan people is the elimination of the terrorist group.

The leaders of TDP commended the continued efforts of all Ethiopians to free their fellow Tigrayans from the TDF, which is an expression of solidarity with the people.

TDF has repeatedly denied these allegations, with spokesperson Getachew Rada accusing Ethiopia of spreading propaganda to win public sympathy. TDF and Ethiopia National Defense Forces are embroiled in a tussle.


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