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Inside FNP coalition's strategy to defeat Farmajo in Somalia's 2021 polls

Hassan Sheikh [L], Farmajo [C] and Sheikh Sharif ]R] - FILE

GAROWE ONLINE/EDITORIAL - Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo could be forced to go back to the drawing board as political temperatures continue to escalate in Mogadishu ahead of 2020/21 polls.

Already challenged by a dwindling economy, inter-clan antagonism and Al-Shabaab's menace, Mr Farmajo is persistently under pressure from the new opposition alliance.

The Forum for National Parties brings together six major parties among them Himilo-Qaran party of former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Union for Peace and Development of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

On Thursday, the coalition which is chaired by Sheikh Ahmed rolled out a roadmap that highlights paramount issues that it will focus on ahead of 2020 polls.

Somalia will be electing new MPs and President after the term of the current parliament expires in October 2020. President Farmajo who is portrayed as a divisive figure by his critics will be seeking a second term

In a statement on Thursday, the FNP questioned the Federal Government's alleged violation of human rights and unwarranted witch-hunt targeting regime critics.

"This is a step to the right direction that will contribute to the process of political democratisation of Somalia with a goal of safeguarding the country's integrity," read the statement.

"In retrospect to current political trends in which the president and the executive wing of government have blatantly violated basic principles of the constitution, FNP is concerned with the current trends."

Among the key issues in the coalition's manifesto are; the unity of the nation and the people, the supremacy of the constitution and completion of the review process, safeguarding fundamental rights of citizens, inclusive political representation.

Others listed as fundamental priorities for the coalition include; elections, security, protecting, safeguarding and strengthening the federal system.

The Forum for National Parties coalition pledged to anchor her campaigns in the eight-point manifesto as part of its strategy to defeat the current government.

President Farmajo has struggled to implement the constitution with his government often put on the spotlight over violation of basic human rights. The review process is yet to be done.

Cases of brutality waged on civilians by security forces are rampant in the Horn of Africa nation, a move that has precipitated calls to execute radical changes within the security team by FNP.

The composition of the government, FNP says, does not represent the face of Somalia. This, the coalition adds, can be solved through a total overhaul of the current system.

Currently, parliament is in the process of establishing election laws which will be enforced during 2020/21 polls. Strengthening of the federal system to uplift the country's economy has been earmarked as the opposition's major priority.

Both Sheikh Ahmed and Sheikh Mohamud, who served as Presidents in the UN-backed federal government, are keen to have Farmajo toppled through elections.

In September, a standoff ensued between the two and Farmajo over the inauguration of Ahmed Madobe as regional president of Jubaland.

However, they would later travel to Kismayo in October for the inauguration, a move which has increasingly escalated tensions in Mogadishu.

Farmajo is also embroiled in a territorial dispute with Kenya, a critical player in the country's stability.

The Indian Ocean maritime dispute is currently being handled at ICJ. The matter has been also one of key concerns for under siege Farmajo gave its diplomatic importance.


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