Boat with Somalis documents abandoned in Israel

The Al-Shabaab have lost significant territories across the country following the activation of military operations against them.

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  • 05:54PM

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Kenya's defense minister: We are going after Al-Shabaab financiers

He said US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin promised to support the war against terror in the country and the region during his recent tour of the country.

  • Somalia


  • 09:20AM

Somalia: NUSOJ Condemns Regional Police Commissioner’s Egregious Assault on Media Freedom and Grave Jeopardy to Journalists’ Safety

Furthermore, the Commissioner’s suggestion that people should refrain from blaming the police and instead seek recourse solely through the court system is deeply disturbing.

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  • 06:05PM

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Editor's Pick

Somalia: Loss in Sool means Somaliland ‘project’ is unviable

For Somaliland, this loss could make a great lesson, and a big turning point…

  • Editorial


  • 05:09PM

FinTech – The new technology transforming the traditional banking sector in Africa

The cryptocurrency sector has taken Africa by storm, as of 2021 the industry was worth   $2 trillion. This symbolizes the avant-garde of FinTech.

  • Business


  • 12:33PM

EDITORIAL: A rigged election is more dangerous than none

If there was any lesson to learn from that, it should be that an election where opposition contenders can’t have the same rights to seek an election is a very dangerous one.

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  • 10:57AM

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