Agilitee Go aims to drive the uptake of electric vehicles in Africa


A number of African governments are introducing tax cuts and other incentives to boost the e-mobility industry and drive demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

Data shows that the African electric vehicle market is valued at USD 11.94 billion and is projected to reach USD 21.39 billion by 2027.
South African listed firm Agilitee, the market leader in electric vehicles and the green revolution giant, is among the continent's firms scaling up the uptake of electric vehicles on the continent.

This month, the first batch of electric vehicles will be delivered to Zimbabwe. "Agilitee Go has a travel range that can cover 400km if fully charged and also self-charges, a 1100p HD Reverse Camera with a large central screen, sensitive and quick response combined hydraulic breaks, a & and rear impact guard with a side protection for all occupants, Bluetooth hands-free calls, child lock Hill-Start assist control (HAC), and automatic gear," Dr. Mandla Lamba, founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Agilitee, explained.

He further added that "I am so elated about this development because the African continent is battling the impact of climate change and most governments are looking for solutions to combat climate change. We have gone into full production, and we are now officially rolling out our first in Africa and turning every street in Africa green by 2050."

Africa Electric Vehicle Market is segmented by propulsion into battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Dr. Mandla also pointed out that the rise of EV cars is gaining momentum in the African continent.

"Today most green-tech start-ups in Africa are leading the continent’s charge towards electric mobility, this is a critical intervention in the fight against climate change driven by a global tide in the use of electric vehicles (EVs)." Dr. Lamba added.

However, the continent’s shift to electric mobility lags behind Europe, the US, and China, the global frontrunners in electric mobility.

"In 2020 South Africa sold only 92 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) down from 154 in 2019, representing 0.02 percent of domestic vehicle sales. Hybrid sales declined from 253 units in 2019 to 232 units in 2020. Nonetheless, several countries are developing comprehensive policy frameworks to catalyze the transition and adoption of electric mobility, he concluded."

The firm has also set up a base in West Africa with its headquarters in Nigeria and in East Africa with its headquarters in Kenya.

In Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, there are plans to establish full assembly plants for cars, electric motorcycles, AI products, and GreenTech products.

Agilite electric vehicles do not rely on the grid to be charged as they are powered by solar and have a backup battery. Rake for instance Agilitee Go is powered by solar and the scooters use swappable batteries that come from Agilitee’s swapping machines which are 100% solar powered.


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