No Action Too Small: Hormuud Telecom's Inspiring Transition to Renewable Energy Sources


Climate change is an escalating global phenomenon that demands immediate attention and concerted efforts from all nations. From the recurring droughts in Somalia to the dangerous floods in various parts of the world, the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly evident and devastating.

We must recognize the gravity of the situation and take serious action to mitigate and adapt to the challenges posed by climate change, not just for the sake of individual countries, but for the well-being of the entire planet.

Like countless nations around the globe, Somalia confronts the stark reality of climate change. Recurring droughts and dangerous floods have become all too common, causing immense hardships for its people. These extreme weather events result in water scarcity, crop failures, livestock losses, and widespread displacement. The devastating consequences of climate change in Somalia highlight the urgent need for comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

The United States, China, and the European Union significantly impact global greenhouse gas emissions. Given that, it is incumbent upon their industries and companies to proactively lead the way in reducing emissions. By setting a strong example and implementing effective measures, they can inspire others to join the collective effort in combating climate change.

Meanwhile, in Somalia, a country still recovering from the aftermath of a civil war and grappling with the harsh realities of climate change, Hormuud Telecom emerges as a beacon of progress. As the largest telecom provider in the nation, it has taken substantial steps to participate in the global fight against climate change.

In a recent announcement on the widely-used social platform X, also known as Twitter, the company shared that an impressive 84% of their equipment currently operates on solar energy, representing a significant milestone in their journey toward achieving 100% renewable power. Hormuud Telecom's dedication to renewable energy sets an inspiring example for other businesses and organizations in Somalia, demonstrating that sustainability is both a desirable and achievable goal.

Climate change is an urgent and critical global challenge that demands immediate and resolute action. Somalia's firsthand experience with prolonged droughts and flash floods such as last year’s El Nino serves as a clear reminder of the profound impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.

The magnitude of this issue necessitates a united effort on a global scale. Through collective action, we can effectively mitigate the consequences of climate change, safeguard at-risk populations, and forge a sustainable and resilient future for generations to come. The time for decisive action is now.

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