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Somalia: AMISOM successfully carried out operation on two Al-Shabaab camps

Press Releases

Mogadishu, 13th September 2014: Yesterday at around 0600 hours, AMISOM forces conducted several targeted in-depth operations around the town of Badhadhe in Lower Juba region in a village called Lagta Berta targeting two camps where Al-Shabaab militiamen had converged after fleeing from the impending fall of Barawe from the ongoing Operation Indian Ocean.

During the raid, Al-Shabaab suffered heavy losses, including foreign fighters. Many Al-Shabaab militias were also wounded in the attack which completely destroyed the facility which was a hideout for the terrorists.

Yesterday’s operation is a clear indication of the joint cooperation between various AMISOM sectors since the attack was carried out  in sector 2 by the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) in support of Sector 1 manned by Ugandan People Defense Forces (UPDF) who are advancing towards the Al-Shabaab stronghold of Barawe.

This is part of continued efforts by AMISOM forces to root out Al-Shabaab from its strongholds and to protect the hard won security gains to ensure that Somalia continues on the road to recovery and lasting peace.

For more information, please Contact; Eloi Yao and Colonel Ali Aden Houmed, Spokespersons,
Cell phone: (Somalia) +252 699 525 773 OR +252 699 758 567; (Nairobi) +254 702 155 126; Email:amisommediacentre@gmail.com

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