Somalia: Puntland opposition Supports the Traditional Leaders’ Decision on 2024 Election


GAROWE, Somalia - The Puntland Opposition Union (“the Union”) stands for the principles of preserving the stability, unity, and supremacy of the law. The Union has previously called for, and still firmly believes in, seeking a peaceful resolution to the political uncertainty in Puntland during this
critical period of transition.

The Opposition Union is founded on the principle of implementing a consensus-based democratization process but wishes to emphasize to the people of Puntland that the President whose mandate is ending has mismanaged the people’s democratic aspirations as
enshrined in the Puntland State Constitution.

The Opposition Union welcomes the decisions issued by the Traditional Leaders of Puntland. Following consultations with different stakeholders in Puntland, the Traditional Leaders reached the decisions to help prevent the potential political instability, insecurity, and unrest triggered by the Government’s illegal term extension.

The Union also appealed to the government whose mandate is ending to accept the Traditional Leaders’ decision, which forms the final political and legalistic reference point for the political foundation in the Puntland State of Somalia.

The Opposition Union calls upon civil society and the wider public in Puntland to support the Traditional Leaders’ decision and to unite our collective efforts to prevent the emergence of any threat or instability to the governance, peace, and stability of Puntland.

Finally, The Opposition Union recognizes and appreciates the critical role the international partners have played in supporting the governance, humanitarian, development, and security sectors of Puntland and Somalia more broadly, over the past decades.

The Opposition Union urges the international partners to continue efforts to support political stability and support a consensus-based electoral process in Puntland, which ensures a peaceful transition, and continuity of governance and prevents a power vacuum that may be exploited by armed non-state actors.

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