Somalia: UN urges Somalis to work together in spirit of nat'l unity

Press Releases

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Secretary-General's Special Representative for Somalia, Michael Keating, congratulates the people and government of Somalia on the 58th anniversary of their country’s independence.

“Hambalyo! This is a great day for all Somalis, here and around the world. Despite the many hardships they continue to face, Somalis can take pride in the progress that is being made,” said Mr. Keating. “This celebration comes at a moment of political opportunity and hope for a more peaceful and prosperous future.

“I commend the President, the Prime Minister and the government for their strong commitment to reform, whether in the economic, security or political fields and urge all leaders, whether in the public or private sectors, to work with them to deliver results for people. Youth in particular are looking to the country’s leaders for jobs and opportunity, for security and access to services.

“There have been some impressive achievements in the last 12 months, whether in averting a looming famine, increasing revenues and grants, in passing key legislation and clarifying the working relationship between the federal government and member states, moving forward on the constitutional review and electoral model, and in reforming the security sector.

“The road ahead is long, and the challenges should not be underestimated, not least the destructive capacity of violent extremists and the risk that political and other disputes will undermine efforts to deliver results that benefit all Somalis. But the agenda crafted by the government is a good one and deserves both national unity and timely international support.

“The United Nations and international partners are working closely with federal and state authorities to help achieve results, most importantly in security, jobs and services, and to do this in a way that strengthens the rule of law, inclusivity and accountability. The United Nations marks this anniversary by recommitting itself to solidarity with all Somalis in the years ahead”.