Somalia: Bari security commission suspends regional police chief


BOSASO, Puntland- Following the recent terrorist attacks in the commercial city of Bosaso, the security commission of Bari region has suspended Bari’s Police Commissioner on Thursday and accused him of incompetence and abuse of authority, Garowe Online reports.  

The commission comprises of Minister of Ports, Puntland President’s advisor Abdijamal, Osman, the Commander of Custodial Corps, the Commander of Central Prison, Mayor of Bosaso and Governor of Bari have jointly issued a statement to suspend the Police Commissioner Abdihakim Husain Yusuf till an investigation is carried out over the recent attack against the Police station and the twin-bombings in Bosaso town on Friday.

The commission also accused Husain of not cooperating with the regional security officials in the last six months, also misusing government’s vehicles and weapons for his own personal use.

In many occasions, Somalia’s international partners donate vehicles to be used for the public services but Puntland President was reported to have distributed it to close associate for personal use.

Yusuf hails from the same clan as Puntland President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gas, and it is said he enjoys the support of Puntland President despite mounting pressure from Bari politicians and officials to replace him over incompetence.

A close source revealed that Yusuf has spoken to associates about the move and said that officials and Bari’s security committee can’t suspend him.

This comes as the security situation in Bosaso has worsened lately amid weak security policy and incompetence from the Police commissioner of Bari region.

Puntland President is accused of being responsible for the deteriorating security apparatus of Puntland region, as he appointed close-associates who hail from the same clan to high-ranking positions within the security agencies.

However, Puntland President and his Vice President were reported to have both refused the suspension of the Police Commissioner of Bari region and said it will appoint a committee that will oversee the complaints filed against the official.

The move is expected to spark political stalemate in Bari region as sources revealed that the security committee of Bari region is not withdrawing its decision to suspend the official and halt any further cooperation with him.


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