Puntland's Environment and Climate Change Minister Meets with Czech Researchers to Advance Biodiversity Studies


Puntland, Somalia - In a significant move towards enhancing environmental conservation efforts in the region, Mohamed Abdirahman, the Environment & Climate Change Minister of Puntland, Somalia, recently held a meeting with a delegation from the Czech Republic.

The delegation comprised esteemed researchers Jiří Šmíd, Sergio Matilla Fernández, and Tomáš Mazuch, each specializing in the study of mammals, reptiles, and various plant species respectively.

During the meeting, the Czech researchers shared their findings from their studies in Somalia, expressing their intent to extend their research to Puntland. The focus of their research will be on rare species of reptiles and other organisms, which are pivotal in maintaining ecological balance.

"This collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing our environmental conservation efforts in Puntland," said Abdirahman. "The research conducted by our Czech colleagues will not only help us understand our unique biodiversity better but also guide our conservation efforts more effectively."

The Environment & Climate Change Minister also shared the ministry's priority projects and ongoing efforts in wildlife and environmental conservation with the delegation. He welcomed and appreciated the initiative to conduct detailed research on reptiles and other species, recognizing the importance of maintaining environmental equilibrium.

The Czech researchers, in turn, expressed their enthusiasm for the opportunity to collaborate with the Puntland government. "We are excited to extend our research to Puntland and contribute to the understanding and preservation of its rich biodiversity," said Jiří Šmíd.

This collaboration is a testament to the global importance of biodiversity and the need for international cooperation in environmental conservation. It is hoped that the research conducted by the Czech delegation will provide valuable insights into the unique ecosystems of Puntland and guide future conservation efforts in the region.


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