Somalia: 12 Al Shabaab militants killed in Galgala assault


GALGALA, Somalia Dec 28, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Puntland Defence Forces (PDFs) killed 12 Al Shabaab militants in a deadly assault on Al Shabaab base in the rugged terrain of Galgala on Saturday according to security officials, Garowe Online reports.

The pre-emptive attack occurred in Madashon,23km west of Galgala.

Puntland army troops are in full control of the areas where the raids took place, with credible sources disclosing that Al Shabaab remnants fled from the second largest hideout in the extremely volatile vicinity.

As part of clean-up operation aimed at cleansing hotbeds of terrorists, officials say the raids will continue until stability prevails.

The United States appears to be pressuring President Ali’s administration to fend off growing terror threats.

On December 12, remote-detonated roadside Improvised Explosive Device (IED) left three Puntland soldiers dead and four others wounded.


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