Somalia: A forum on political multi-party system kicks off amid security crisis in Bari


GAROWE, Puntalnd- A forum discussing on the political multi-party system was kicked off in the regional capital of Garowe on Sunday, organized by Puntland administration, Garowe Online reports.

The forum is participated by top government officials led by Puntland President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali “Gaas”, prominent elders, politicians and members of the civil society, held in Puntland Research and Development Center (PDRC).

Sources said the attendance of the forum was low, which aimed to focus on the reasons for the delays to open political parties by the civil societies despite the government has early announced the launch of the democratization process in the region. 

Another controversy shadowed the forum is the time of the meeting which comes three days after the recent tragedy in Afurur village where militant group al-Shabaab has attacked military outpost killing many soldiers and civilians.

On the other hands, pundits have expressed doubts to the plans of the government to implement the political multi-party system while the mandate of the current government is scheduled to end next year.

The current administration has failed to take steps to adopt the democratization system in Puntland after assuming office in 2014, although President Ali vowed during his campaign to expedite the process in the first year.

The past administration led by former President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, attempted to carry out the democratic election in 2014 but oppositions and several clans have strongly opposed the move who saw it as risk to their political interests. 


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