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Somalia: Air Djibouti launches its maiden flight to Puntland

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

GAROWE, Puntland – The national carrier, Air Djibouti Uganda Airlines on Thursday launched its direct flights to Puntland, joining the growing list of international airlines that fly into the Somali state, Garowe Online reports.

The Djibouti-owned carrier made the first flight to Garowe on Sunday, a week after the announcement was made. Puntland VP and top officials attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning at Garowe airport.

The maiden voyage from Djibouti to Garowe this morning makes the latest premier carrier to invest in Puntland’s economic growth, with the two weekly flights it has announced.

This is the second international airline that comes to Garowe this year, the first is Ethiopian airlines. The booming international airlines' operations in Puntland will boost trade and making the air travel easy.

Garowe Airport is recording a sharp increase in travelers and an impressive growth of its aviation sector, which now attracts some of the world's best known international airlines, thanks to the calm.

Puntland authorities who were present at the inaugural of Air Djibouti flight say the presence of international airlines is a testimony that the oil-rich is consolidating its peace and security, and is open for business.

The aviation officials hope that the move by Air Djibouti and Ethiopian airlines encourages more airlines to add Puntland, which is located in northeastern Somalia to their international routes.


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