Somalia: Al Shabaab claims attack on checkpoint as Puntland intensifies Ops


GAROWE, Somalia-Somalia’s Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab group has claimed credit for attack on security checkpoint in Bossaso port city overnight on Friday amid intensified onslaught in coastal villages, Garowe Online reports. 

Pro-Al Shabaab radio station, Andulus reported that the militant group carried out the terror operation. 

Unidentified assailants opened fire on soldiers manning the checkpoint at key junction in Bossaso, killing a soldier and wounding two others including civilian bystander.  

Puntland security forces are on manhunt for the attackers, officials said.  The government added, a group of militants in ditches have been surrounded by army this morning in the village of Suuj where the intensity of battle is waning and army siege remains intensified.  

On Saturday morning, top security official was quoted as saying, that four militants were killed and four others were captured alive in Suuj.  

Military sources say, army units have confined fleeing Al Shabaab fighters in Kulub, an area near Garacad.  Cleanup operations that gathered hundreds from Puntland Defence Forces (PDFs) are continuing for fourth day.  

Puntland government says, it is hopeful about the end of counteroffensive push in hours.


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