Somalia: Clashes renew in Galkayo amid ceasefire deal

By Staff Reporter , GAROWE ONLINE

GALKAYO, Somalia - At least five people, including two soldiers, were killed in a rekindled fighting in Galkayo city, the regional capital of Mudug province on Thursday, Garowe Online reports.

The fighting broke out between local militias belonging to businessmen from Puntland and Galmudug states following a dispute over an area, where a new food store was built in the city's hectic market.

The two soldiers were members of the newly integrated combined Police force drawn from Puntland and Galmudug who are tasked with the security of the volatile city that is divided between the two sides.

The clash, which erupted early in the morning and raged on for several hours has led to the casualties on warring sides as well as the civilians and forced merchants were forced to shut down their businesses.

The authorities of Puntland and Galmudug states are yet to release statement relating to Thursday's deadly gunfight in the central town, but, the joint forces were reported to have intervened in the scuffle.

The situation has returned to normal and businesses reopened later today after the gunfire subsided. The outbreak of fighting comes amid ceasefire deal between the two Somali Federal member states.

Galkayo town lies on the fault line of the long-running conflict between the two sides who have previously inked several peace agreements which failed to bring a lasting solution to the recurrent clashes.


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