Somalia: Deadlock between Puntland leadership over parliamentary seats distribution


GAROWE, Puntland- Difference emerged between Puntland President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali “Gaas” and his Vice President Abdihakin Abdulahi Haji Omar, over seats distribution among sub-clans representing Sool region in the ongoing Lower House election in Puntland state, Garowe Online report.

The ballot vote for Sool’s clans seats were delayed due to lingering dispute among the sub-clans that led President Ali to meddle and instruct the electoral committee on a new seats arrangement between Sool’s sub-clans.

The Vice President, who hails from Sool region, has reportedly expressed discontent with the President’s interference and decision on the issue without him being involved, has ordered the electoral committee to suspend the seats distribution.

Close sources tell GO that the new seats distribution was set by Puntland President to satisfy the Deputy Speaker of Puntland Parliament, Husain Yasin Haji and Puntland MP, Sadiq Gaard, who their sub-clans were included in the seats allocation for the upcoming Lower House chamber of Federal Parliament.  

Haji and Sadiq who have considerable political influence in Puntland Parliament, along with other 15 members of Parliament from Sool region, were reported not to have good relations with the Vice President.

Disputes among top Puntland leadership were seemingly occurs constantly as President Ali resorts to take decisions on politics affairs and critical issues without the consultation of his Vice President and government.

Renewed delays to the Presidential election looms, as regional states failed to meet parliamentary election deadlines amid clans disagreement over the electoral process.

According to the schedule of the election, parliamentary ballot was set to take place between October 23 and November 10, whereas the new lawmakers will vote for the new Somali President in November 30.