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Somalia: Deni says no mediation needed in Jubaland, calls for review of bills passed by parliament

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

GAROWE, Puntland - The perceived feud between the Federal Government of Somalia and Jubaland president Ahmed Madobe will be a thing of the past, Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni has said, Garowe Online reports.

Speaking at PDRC organized event in Garowe on Thursday evening, Deni said the strained relationship between the two parties has since been curbed, adding that they have made peace for the sake of Somalia's stability.

The FGS led by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo had refused to recognize the election of Madobe in August this year, accusing Kenya of imposing him on the people.

But according to Deni, the recent visit by FGS Finance Minister Abdirahman Beyle to Kismayo signifies that the standoff has been effectively ended.

He said: "The visit by the minister shows Villa Somalia recognizes Madobe and it's ready to work with him. I don't think there is a need for mediation."

So bitter was the fallout between Farmajo and Madobe that the FGS imposed travel bans and other blockades on Jubaland leaders along with their allies.

But a defiant Madobe, who has all through called for a truce, wrote to Ethiopian PM Ahmed Abiy, accusing him of working with FGS to sabotage his administration.

The Jubaland leader raised an alarm over the alleged incursion of non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops with the help of FGS in Gedo, sparking a heated national debate.

However, the finance minister visited Kismayo last week, signaling an impending truce between Farmajo and Madobe.

Puntland affairs 

The President of Puntland said the fall of the Somali military regime had a significant impact on Puntland ranging from the fracturing of society, tribal conflicts, massive migration, and territorial disputes.

Deni stated that the people of Puntland since 1998 have been waiting for democratic elections that he firmly believes one person, one vote will be possible by the end of his five-year term.

Answering a question about what his administration achieved one year after coming into office, President Deni said: "When we came to office, we face the challenge that some people were very determined to oppose change and were promoting a centralized system of governance".

The President reaffirmed that his government will reform the security institutions, the economic infrastructure, and social services and also working on a plan to implement an effective payroll system for the civil servant.

The organized crime rate has significantly dropped in Puntland this year, thanks to the security measures put in place by Deni's government and the close cooperation between the security agencies and the public.

In the education field, Deni has accused Mogadishu-based FGS of trying to tamper with Puntland's educational system that has existed for a long time. This came after the Federal Ministry of education said it will not recognize students graduating schools in the Federal State this year.

Somalia's 2020-2021 elections

Deni also poked holes at bills passed by Somali parliament, arguing that "they are wrong and there is a need for dialogue with respect to the nation's future".

Parliament has passed a host of bills without involving federal states, a move that has literally caused confusion among the two levels of governments.

"We must move forward from this outdated system. Every law being passed by a parliament or cabinet without consultation of Puntland and other states is wrong. However we are is willing to engage in peaceful discussion with respect to the country's political future," he added.

While explaining the different election models that Somalia went through over the years from the 1960s from Democratic election to 4.5 model. President Deni highlighted the need for an exemplary system of election in Somalia which gives power to the public.

He underscored that Somalia needs laws that reflect the current reality in our country.

"Everything that breaches the laws of Somalia and the consensus of the people will not be accepted by Puntland. We need a meaningful dialogue that is open and transparent to move Somalia out of the era of disaccord," said Deni. 

Somalia is under pressure to deliver credible polls, with international community pledging support following meetings with stakeholders.

Although the winner-takes-all model is gaining popularity, some pundits believe that it could pave way for the election of Al-Shabaab sympathizers.

Farmajo has been struggling to unite gr country and has often been accused of tolerating rampant abuse of human rights and cajoling freedoms of critics.


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