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Somalia: Eid Al Adha celebrated in Puntland


GAROWE, Somalia Oct 5,2014 (Garowe Online)-Worshippers in festive mood flocked to popular spots across Puntland for Eid Al Adha prayers On Saturday morning, Garowe Online reports. 

In Puntland capital of Garowe, President Abdiweli Mohame Ali, Vice President Abdihakin Abdullahi Haji Omar Amey, Parliament Speaker Saed Hassan Shire, Deputy Speakers,cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, Islamic Scholars and Nugal traditional leaders alongside hundreds of residents congregated in Mire Aware Stadium. 

Sheikh Mohamud Haji Yusuf firstly briefed worshippers on the religious obligations pertaining to Eid Al Adha, and emphasized that Islamic scholars are safeguarders for religion and shoulder robust responsibility when it comes to the keeping of peace and basic elements key to life. 
Meanwhile, Nugal clan elder Islam Isse Islam Mohamed who followed Yusuf on the podium urged Somali people to work for the common good, praying for peace. 

Puntland Leader, Ali in his closing remarks called on young men fighting alongside Al Shabaab to take advantage of 30-day amnesty offer as his government weighs military offensives against Al Shabaab. 

With tens of thousands in Mecca for hajj, Muslims around the globe slaughter sacrificial farm animals during the celebrations marking the feast of the sacrifice. 


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