Somalia: Former minister Speaks about the Security and Financial Crisis in Puntland


GAROWE, Puntland - The Former Finance Minister of Somalia's northeastern semi-autonomous region of Puntland, Farah Ali Shire spoke about the current economic and security situation of Puntland state, Garowe Online reports.

Shire who is currently visiting England said Puntland is facing unprecedented challenges in its history since establishment in 1998, including currency crises, insecurity and turmoil on Internal and Foreign Policy.

"Former administration led by Abdirahman Farole has achieved outstanding developments using a team-based approach to solving security and financial problems, rebuilding and reconciliation. We have Engaged in battles with the anti-peace elements and contributed to Somalia's state building process by holding two meetings in Garowe. We wrote and approved Puntland Constitution and launched the multi-party political system, as part of the democratization process in the region," said Shire.

Comparing the current government to the previous Farole administration, Shire said: "In terms of a country's development, Security should be first, people should be able to sleep and invest in peace."

"We focused on security and fought against the fight against extremists who had strong presence in Puntland, before we came to power. As you are aware, we won the battle for peace, despite lack of sufficient financial resource and the arms embargo on Somalia," he added.

Speaking about how Puntland became thriving and famous region globally and in the Somalia politics, the ex-finance minister said: "We had improved the foreign policy, letting the diasporas know new Puntland with own flag, army, TV in a short period. That is the meaning of government."

Shire has also talked the financial crises that Puntland is currently facing which has resulted from the print of false 1,000 shilling banknotes by the government of President Abdweli Mohamed Ali "Gaas" in Bosaso city.

He pointed out that ex Farole administration has accomplished to effectively regulate the finance and deal with the inflation crises, without printing counterfeit currency, blaming the incumbent President for failing to handle the economic challenges.

Reliable Sources close to Shire, told GO that the former Finance Minister is planning to run for Puntland President in 2019 Presidential election, though he did not officially announce his candidacy.

Uproar on Somali currency in Puntland has sparked outrage and protests in major parts of the region after the government has rejected to take the tax from the local businesses in the Somali Shillings.

Puntland has been relatively stable during Farole rule, compared to the rest of Somalia but attacks by the terrorist groups, including Al shabaab and ISIL are posing serious risks to the stability of the region.


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