Somalia: FIFA invites Puntland to Zurich Conference


GAROWE, Somalia Oct 9,2014 (Garowe Online)-Amidst immense comeback by football games in war-torn Somalia, FIFA has invited Puntland Government in northern Somalia to Zurich Conference that will be held under the theme ‘Football and Finance’ by December, Garowe Online reports.

The Director-General of Puntland’s Ministry of Sport and Youth Ahmed Abdulle Tigana revealed at media briefing in the state capital of Garowe on Thursday that FIFA responded to complaint being lodged with the international body and invited Puntland Government to attend Zurich Conference.

Tigaana added that Mogadishu-based Somali Football Federation kept Puntland and other Federal states isolated over the last two decades and mishandled football projects.

“Mega projects regarding football are only being executed in Mogadishu by Somali Football Federation,” he noted.

In late August, Puntland refused to recognize the newly elected Somali Football Federation officials, regarding the process as ‘illegitimate and exclusive’.

President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali re-suspended cooperation with Mogadishu in a dispute over the formation of new state in central Somalia on July 31.   

FIFA has installed artificial turf pitch in Mogadishu and sent experts to help Somali youth recover from the country’s bloodiest internal strife. 


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