Somalia: Fighter jets target Al Shabaab in Puntland


BOSSASO, Somalia-Unknown fighter jets have conducted airstrikes on Al Shabaab hideouts in Galgala for the third night in a row according to residents, Garowe Online reports. 

War planes have reportedly launched strikes from an aircraft carrier in the sea, pounding nomadic built-up vicinities and water wells by mistake.  

A resident who spoke to VOA Somali Service on anonymity condition said, the jets were alsoseen striking militants in their bases along Golis Mountain Ranges. 

It is not yet known who carried out the airstrikes but the United States has previously targeted Al Shabaab militants with drone attacks in central and southern Somalia.  

Al Shabaab terror group has not released any details on the surprise pummeling. 

The fresh bombardment comes a few weeks after mines laid by Al Shabaab militants hit armored vehicles of Puntland troops.  

Puntland Defence Forces are battling Al Shabaab militants off and on in Galgala, with operations stalling due to bad weather and difficult topography in recent months.

  --Four executed for guiding US drones 

Al Shabaab has executed four men accused of spying for the US Intelligence and alleged involvement in the killing of top militants officials. 

The execution took place in the village of Bulafuley in Lower Juba region of southern Somalia.  

The four men were accused of guiding US drones that killed Al Shabaab Chief Ahmed Abdi Godane and commanders-- Abdishakur Tahliil and Yusuf Deg.


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