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Somalia: Former Bari Governor criticizes Puntland President for many foreign trips


GAROWE, Somalia-Former Governor of vast Bari region Abdisamad Mohamed Galan has launched a scathing criticism of Puntland President’s policies during Thursday interview with Puntland-based independent station, Radio Garowe. 

Galan criticized President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali for abusing his post and sowing polarization within the clans. 

“The administration led by Abdiweli Gas amassed itself with everything, from doing politics to tradition. 

This has dealt a blow to the political ownership, so we must have reacted,” claimed Galan.  He rejected that his sacking from the governorship created a damaging falling out with the President, saying people will take matters into their own hands if government fails to address grievances. 

Questioned on alleged ties to Somalia’s Federal Government, he went on: “It is really troubling for some people to call me a ‘pawn’. If I go to Mogadishu, is it shame? Mogadishu is the capital, it is where the Somali government is headquartered. I can have handshaking and chats with the President and the Prime Minister as well.” 

Moreover, Galan lambasted the President for his too many foreign trips that he claimed surpassed his stay in Puntland.  “Puntland President travels more often than me to Mogadishu. To be honest, his trips surpass his presence in Puntland,” seethed Galan.  Galan left for extreme coastal towns in Bari region following a police raid on his residence in Bossaso port city in early 2016.


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