Somalia: Former Puntland President arrives in Kismayo


KISMAYO, Somalia - Federal Senator and former Puntland President, Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, has arrived in the southern port town of Kismayo on Sunday, Garowe Online reports.   

Senator Farole traveled to Kismayo from Mogadishu, after accepting an official invitation by President of Somalia's southern semi-autonomous region of Jubbaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam alias "Ahmed Madobe". 

President Ahmed Madobe, his vice President, several Ministers, speaker of the state Parliament, lawmakers and members of the civil society have warmly welcomed Farole’s delegation at Kismayo Airport. 

According to a statement released by Jubbaland presidency, President Madobe has expressed his pleasure over the visit of ex Puntland President to Kismayo, where he will meet with intellectuals and traditional leaders during his stay in the city. 

The president said the visiting Senator has played a key role in the formation of Jubbaland, and the Government and the people are grateful to him for his solidarity during extremely difficult time of shaping the Federal state administration. 

Farole’s visit to Kismayo marks the first since the establishment of Jubbaland state in 2013. 


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