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Somalia: Galkayo at top of Puntland President’s to-do list


Garowe Online|Puntland’s fair-weather friend, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali has taken the lead in lofty development initiatives, doing what he sees as imperative after more than a year and half into power. Will these stratospheric plans match the needs of many across the northeastern state?-Garowe Online examines what’s going on in Galkayo.

Located at Puntland’s gateway to south-central regions, Galkayo has suffered, yet was prevented from conforming to boons by groups with competing interests against the agendas of former administrations.

President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali travelled to Galkayo alongside entourage of parliamentarians and ministers, mainly hailing from Mudug to personally alleviate dicey situations at the ploy of bracing as brethren in action over three weeks ago.

Puntland President has a plenty of tasks to focus, still and all. On Friday, clan elder, Emir Mohamud Isse hosted luncheon for President Ali whose other delegation members also earned praised for the three-week long visit to Galkayo.

Ali toured regional districts and villages and met with community leaders to backtrack through challenges-by figuring out where things went wrong in the past.

At teashops, President’s trip doesn’t sound ‘meaningful’ to all members of the public. Some have been dismayed at the presence dragging into its fifth week while others deem it witting during a critical period.

Puntland President believes that his predecessors omitted the town, and kept it in perils-refrained from longer stay, trumpeting economic infrastructure and stability at their whim.

Ali used to live in a lap of luxury while maintaining links with pirates who seem to have some form of relationship with him according to United Nations monitors.

On July 14,2013 the then Puntland President suspended the region’s first-ever democratic elections on account of domestic spoilers-including cheerleaders of piracy networks- based in Galkayo where gunmen became accustomed to attacking security forces.

Ali cosied up to Abdikani Dirie Abdulle and his brother Ahmed (long footed) in a judgment from facebook account, said the 8-member panel of UN investigators in a confidential report in October 2014.

Apparently, yesterday’s political foes are today promoting the president’s agendas. People might raise doubts about the role of self-styled elder, Yasin Abdi Samad and the region’s plum khat dealers.

On Saturday, Puntland Parliament Speaker Saed Hassan Shire made stopover in Galkayo  enroute to the inauguration of Jubaland President Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe).

Speaker Shire was sincere in breaking silence on the stay of the president, further telling that he needs to go out on similar trips: “President Gaas has been in Galkayo for three weeks, more news is coming that a lot has been done. Speculations indicate that the president arrived in Galkayo to execute many tasks and he won’t return to the capital any time soon. The president will go to the capital and he has a right to serve all regions equally”.

Puntland commanders-notably wounded Puntland Police Force Deputy Commander-in-Chief Gen. Mohiyadin Ahmed Musse- and security forces were targeted in Galkayo terror attacks in the line of duty. 


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