Somalia: Galkayo conference enters third day in Puntland


GALKAYO, Somalia, August 27, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Consultative conference in Galkayo has entered third day with delegates debating key points touching on the challenges facing Puntland despite curious optimisms, Garowe Online reports.

On Thursday, delegates said to be representing Puntland regions debated: What went wrong with the northeastern state and how best solutions can be crafted for the prevailing differences amongst other points in the agendas.

On Tuesday, Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali launched the conference in Galkayo, calling for unity and end to grudges.

Participants at Galkayo conference are discussing restoration of trust among local communities and means of mediating in disputes between some clans.

Groups have exchanged their views on the questions pertaining to Puntland unity.

Ali told the gathering that Puntland needs to embrace further progress in economy, security and social cohesion fronts.

The second phase of consultative meeting which will bring together traditional leaders is set to take place in Gardo while the third phase will be staged in the capital, Garowe.

Over the weekend on Saturday, delegates will conclude Galkayo conference with a communiqué that might come in handy according to organizers. 


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