​Somalia: I was treated worse than terrorists, says freed journalist Kilwe


GAROWE, Puntland- After being in custody for more than two weeks, the journalist Ahmed Ali Kilwe, was set free by Puntland authorities on Sunday, Garowe Online reports.

Kilwe was arrested by security forces at the custom office located south of Garowe city. He was later detained at the central jail with no charges and trial, where serious criminals spend their jail sentences.

Speaking to the media after his release, Kilwe revealed that he was ill-treated by the authorities like a terrorist suspects.

“Forces loyal to Muhaidiin Ga’amy have approached me unexpectedly and without asking me they forcefully arrested me. They later transferred me to the detention center at the southern custom point. They forcefully took my clothes and shoes,” said Kilwe.

He said the authorities transferred him after three days to the central jail where criminals and terrorist spend their jail time.

Kilwe stated that his arrest was unlawful and against his constitutional rights. “My civil right was violated, the authorities took my phone and without my permission they hacked into my phone and searched in my private content,” added Kilwe.

Speaking about disagreement rumors between him and Puntland President, Kilwe said; “Nothing happened between us, there are some accusations. Social media has no filter checking and anyone can write anything under my name, they should have examine it.”

He later thanked fellow journalists, colleagues, MAP, PUNSAA and Human Rights office, for placing great efforts to be released from custody.

Additionally, the Director of Radio Garowe (RG) Ahmed Awil Jama and other reporters said there are increase in arbitrary arrest and ill-treatment of journalist in Puntalnd. They described the incident as unfortunate as Puntland is about to mark 19 years of establishment in the coming month.

This was not the first time the current Puntland administration led by President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali “Gaas” has arrested journalist with no charges and trials.

During his presidential camping, then presidential candidate Ali has promised to give more freedom to the press and allow the media to present their critic remarks of the government, but journalist said he fell short on his promises since his election. 


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