Somalia: The well-known Businessman killed in Galkayo


Galkaiyo, Puntland - Unknown gunman killed a prominent businessman in Galkayo city, the regional capital of Mudug province on Thursday, Garowe online reports.  

The late businessman was identified as “Abdullahi Osman Shaikh Ahmed”, hails from the northern part of the city, was shot and killed by an armed man at the Dar Humo livestock market located at the border between Puntland and Galmdug administrations. Galkayo city is divided into a northern part controlled by Puntland state and a southern part that is controlled by the Galmudug state.

Confirmed reports revealed that another person accompanying the victim got injured from the attack but sustained a minor injury in his hand. However, the gunman fled the scene towards the south side of the city, witnesses said. 

Puntland’s Police arrived to the crime scene and conducted investigations into the attack causing a brief suspension of the market businesses. The motive behind the attack is unclear and no group claimed responsibility of the attack. This incident happened after Puntland Government has imposed a ban on all trucks coming from South and Central of Somalia, from entering Galkayo city.

Puntland Security agencies still conducting investigations in relation to the twin bombing that happened on 21 August, which resulted in the death of more than 25 people and over 40 injuries. Today's attack happened while senior Puntland Government officials are present in the city and Puntland President is expected to return from a visit from Turkey on Friday.

This year, Galkayo city had witnessed assassinations of several Government officials and businessmen and up till now the Government has no clear lead on the perpetrators behind those attacks.


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