Somalia: Lower House elections begin in Puntland region


GAROWE, Puntland- The elections to select lawmakers representing clans from Puntland region for the upcoming Lower House chamber of Federal Parliament have started in Saturday, Garowe Online reports.

Delegates and candidates were seen heading to the polls stations held inside University compounds in Garowe city, the regional capital of Puntland state.

Last week, State Indirect Electoral Implementation team (SIEIT) has urged clans to submit their candidates list and delegate (Electoral College)  who will vote for the candidates competing for the seats in Lower House chamber.

However, today’s election is scheduled to conclude in its first phase with the nomination of 12 candidates for the Lower House chamber.

Preliminary polls results showed the victory of 3 candidates that included the candidate Ali Yusuf Ali Hoosh who secured the first seat with majority votes-49 out of 51- against his opponent.

This comes amid delays to meet deadlines of the electoral process, as parliamentary election was set to take place between October 23 and November 10, which was endorsed previouslyby Somali Federal government-term ended in September 10- and regional leaders.


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